Monteverde Cloud Forest National Park

Welcome to our shore excursion tour departing from the Port of Puntarenas to the magnificent Monteverde Cloud Forest National Park! This tour promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you amazed by the natural beauty of Costa Rica's rainforests.

We will start our journey by traveling through the scenic Panamerican Highway, which offers breathtaking views of the country's diverse landscapes. As we leave the highway, we will ascend through small towns, cattle fields, and farming areas until we reach the famous last stretch to Monteverde.

Upon arrival, our experienced and knowledgeable naturalist guide will lead us into the heart of the tropical wonder that is Monteverde. You will have the chance to use all of your senses to explore the lush forest, from listening to the calls of exotic birds to feeling the texture of tree barks and smelling the aroma of tropical flowers. With over 2,500 plant species and tens of thousands of insect species, the reserve is a nature lover's paradise.

As we walk along the forest trails, your guide will help spot a variety of wildlife such as sloths, agouti, jaguars, several types of monkeys, and many birds including the colorful Resplendent Quetzal. You will learn about the importance of conservation and the unique biodiversity of the cloud forest.

After our trek through the forest, we will visit the hummingbird garden, where you will be enchanted by these tiny, colorful birds as they fly and dart around you. Watch them as they perform their aerial acrobatics, truly a sight to behold!

Finally, we will end our tour with a delicious traditional Costa Rican lunch made from fresh local ingredients, including fruits and vegetables.

As we make our way back to the port of Puntarenas, you will have plenty of unforgettable memories and perhaps some great photos to share. This is a tour for nature enthusiasts and anyone looking to experience the beauty of Costa Rica's rainforests. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to see the cloud forest up close and personal!

Includes: A/C Luxury Transportation, Naturalist Tour Guide, Monteverde National Park, Delicious Traditional Meal, Water & More

*Please note that a minimum of 6 guests are required to operate this tour at the group rate. We highly recommend promoting this tour on the Cruise Critic Roll Call Forum or among fellow passengers to encourage additional bookings.*